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For Equines & Canines

Massage relieves stress. When done regularly, it helps prevent the negative effects of stress. Of course dogs/horses experience stress and although they don't seem to hold stress in their bodies the same way we do, stress, over time, can cause deeper long-term problems that require more serious intervention.

Massage is soothing and comforting. Who doesn't need soothing and comforting? Consider times when your dog/horse might need soothing or comforting.Massage triggers the body's natural ability to heal itself from injury, strain, surgery and exhaustion. There are those times when we or our dog/horse are injured, or perhaps even have had surgery. Massage is often the best therapy to assist in the healing process.

Massage is an effective tool to detect stiffness, pain, swelling, tension and in the long run can avoid costly complications from overlooked problems.

Massage maximizes normal function of tissues, organs and bodily systems such as digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination and the lymph system. Simply by the stress release and relaxation that massage produces, the entire body works more efficiently.

Massage helps muscles function more efficiently by loosening restrictions as a result of misuse or over use of our muscles.

Massage reduces the build-up of adhesions in the muscles that result from inflammation due to injury, surgery or trauma. Adhesions limit range of motion by shortening the muscles. We can feel adhesions as ropey areas in muscles surrounding an injury.

Massage improves our dog's/horse's agility whether in play or competition because of its positive effect on stretch receptors, tendon apparatus, muscle fibers and fascia.

Massage encourages relaxation of the tissues through aiding in more efficient functioning of the nerves and chemical changes in the body.

Massage, through the friction strokes and stretching, creates a deliberate inflammatory response that in turn has the effect of jump starting the healing process. The resulting inflammatory responses inspire tissue repair in cases of injury and strain by calling forth the healing and energy cells of our body.